We Never Forget that You are the Heart of Our Community

Quality broadband service adds to the experience of living in our lakeside community. Now that it’s here, our neighbors tell us that they don’t want quality internet service in Ivanhoe to ever go away. And, we’ll be right here with you.

We’re not fancy – but, we work hard and find solutions to the most persistent problems. It was harder than we initially thought to establish an internet service in Ivanhoe.

But, it was necessary – so, we persisted; eventually buying a house to become a permanent part of our community. When you become our subscriber, we will remember that you are a neighbor first and it’ll show in the quality of our internet and customer service.

If you haven’t done so already – sign up. If you’re like most, the arrival of the internet in Ivanhoe will enrich your life in our beautiful community.

Contact us at 832.234.0400, option 7 to schedule your installation today.

Interested in getting the highest speed internet at the lowest cost?

Come on, it’s easy. But even better, it’s affordable. Signup today, start surfing tomorrow!